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Moutaineer - Transformation executive - Keynote speaker - Auteur

Change is done upwards.


"Impressive keynote from mountaineer Wim Smets during the Showpad Sales Kick-off. How to bring a team from the basecamp to the top or how to grow a pre-nicorn to a unicorn with a great team. Thanks for the inspiring session!"

- Mario Haneca, Showpad


"A book at a lonely height. Literally and figuratively. Rarely read a management book with so many useful insights and deep wisdom."


- Marc Buelens, Emeritus Professor at Vlerick Business School..

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About Wim Smets

Wim Smets is an expedition climber and currently the Belgian record holder in climbing mountains higher than 8000 metres. In total, he has already reached the summit of an 8,000-er five times. Furthermore, he is also the third Belgian to climb the "Seven Summits" (the highest mountain of each continent). Besides mountain climbing, Wim is a freelance transformation executive. He reorganises IT departments and leads complex IT transformations. He uses his experiences as a top climber and top manager in his keynotes to explain how to make yourself and your organisation agile and resilient. He also wrote a book on this topic and is a sought-after speaker.


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"Those who, as managers or executives, have little time to read and have to choose between one of the many management books and Wim Smets' haunting story, should not hesitate: there is much more to learn from his mountain expeditions than from fashionable one-day wonders. There is also much to learn about business ethics from this book."

Professor at KUL

Johan Verstraeten

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