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What can managers learn from alpinists? How do you lead a transformation within your organisation? How can you increase your agility and resilience?

The digital society is forcing organisations to transform. But thorough transformation is not a walk in the park. It is an extreme challenge along a path strewn with avalanches of unexpected events and mountains of resistance.


There are numerous similarities between transformations and mountain expeditions. Both require skills you can only learn through experience. The chances of success depend heavily on thorough preparation. During execution, hard work, flexibility and teamwork are necessary. There are huge risks associated with both challenges.


In "The only way is up", experienced transformation manager and successful alpinist Wim Smets explains the keys to success when embarking on corporate adventures. He translates his experiences at extreme heights into practical tips for entrepreneurs, managers and anyone who wants to take on a challenge.

This book offers insights that will help you bring your transformation to fruition. A thorough analysis from a unique point of view.

The book is currently only available in Dutch.

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1 - 4 books

Do you want to learn more about transformations? Do you want to make yourself or your organisation agile and resilient to a rapidly changing world?

29,99 € per book

5 - 20 books

Are you looking for a fun giveaway for your team? Align and inspire your employees to think further ahead together.

27 € per book

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21 - 50 books

Is your organisation in the midst of transformation and you want everyone on the same page, personally or privately, then you should use this book as a guideline.

24 € per book

51 - 99 books

Your organisation is pioneering transformation and resilience. You are now keen to get everyone involved in thinking about future change.

22,5 € per book

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