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Is your organisation struggling with major changes? Do you encounter resistance? Does the transformation you are facing feel like an avalanche thundering down at great speed? The digital society is forcing organisations to transform. But thorough transformation is not a walk in the park. It is an extreme challenge along a path strewn with avalanches of unexpected events and mountains of resistance.

Leading transformations and climbing the world's highest mountains seem very different challenges at first glance. Yet Wim considers both environments his habitat. Over the last 20 years, he has participated in seven expeditions to the top of the world, as well as adventures in the Sahara and at the North Pole. At the same time, he has led complex, international transformations at multinationals and government institutions worldwide. He has sold and implemented IT outsourcing contracts, sett strategic guidelines, and has coached other transformation managers.

Mountaineering is pushing yourself to the limit and that requires a large dose of perseverance. Wim Smets shares the lessons he learned at extreme heights and explains in an enlightening way how these lessons can also be applied in the workplace and in daily life.

In his keynote, Wim explains how he can apply his experience as an IT manager to climbing expeditions and vice versa. The two careers reinforce each other, and you will be in the front row to draw lessons from the experiences of this impassioned speaker. In this captivating lecture, you will be taught life lessons and new insights in a unique way.


As a speaker, Wim leaves a deep impression on his listeners, in his own humble way. Although few listeners have climbed a peak of 8000 metres, he manages to captivate his audience with very recognisable stories about changes, about facing challenges, working hard on a project and solving problems. In addition to lectures for a general audience, Wim Smets knows how to captivate a management audience like no other.


Wim gives keynotes in Dutch, English or French.

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